4-6 Months Before Trip

  • Schedule and confirm trip date (s)
  • Submit contract and deposit to Camp Cherokee
  • Inform parents and students of trip
  • Arrange for transportation or contact Camp
    Cherokee if transportation is needed
  • Emergency transportation: your school is responsible for providing emergency transportation if necessary
  • Consult school administration regarding the need for a chaperone background check, policies related to student safety and abuse prevention, etc.

1-2 Months Before Trip

  • Send a Chaperone Letter, What to Bring List, and parent-packet home with students
  • Submit schedule and information form to YMCA Camp Cherokee
  • Discuss trip goals and expected behavior with students
  • Collect final payment from students to have turned into Camp Cherokee staff

2-4 Weeks Before Trip

  • Finalize number of students & chaperones attending and update this information with Camp Cherokee
  • Hold chaperone meeting to review roles and responsibilities
  • Collect permission forms from students
  • Send final payment to YMCA Camp Cherokee

1 Week Before Trip

  • Make nametags for every student; this helps the instructors make each class personal
  • Ensure all students are prepared with a lunch, as we cannot provide lunches for day trip students
  • Review with students your expectations, goals, and what to bring for the trip
  • Review schedule sent from Cherokee; contact Director with any questions, concerns or changes that need to be made.
  • Make final contact with Camp Cherokee for confirmation and to ask any questions you may have.

Day of Trip

  • Head count and collect lunches
  • Give every student a name tag
  • Call Camp Cherokee staff to verify number of students and time of departure