About Our Staff

1476420_10151976403385423_1091062730356282432_nCamp Cherokee is an ACA certified camp, which verifies that our camp complies with up to 300 individual standards that promote camper safety. Staff are trained to ensure that the programs and facilities are safe for your child in all aspects of camp.

Staff at Camp Cherokee are the most important part of a great camp! Their skills are the foundation of safety in our programs. Our Staff team is comprised of college and high school individuals who have a love for kids and a dedication to our camp.

Each cabin has one counselor (Head, Double-Senior or Senior) and either one C.I.T. (counselor in training) or Junior Counselor. Head Counselors are rising Sophomores in college. Double-Senior Counselors are rising freshman in College. Senior Counselors are rising seniors in high school. Junior counselors are rising juniors in High School. Upper Staff members (Area Supervisors) are minimum rising juniors in College.

Approximately 95 percent of each year’s staff are returning members. Most of our counselors began as campers and grew up at Camp Cherokee. Many stay through their university years, gaining experience as they return each summer. Their compassion for the campers is magnified because they have shared the same experiences as the campers. No other camp in America can match our commitment to safety or dedication to children!

How Are They Chosen?

All staff participate in an application and interview process (including drug-testing and criminal background checks) before being hired. Once hired, all staff members complete extensive training prior to the camp season. Camp Cherokee maintains a staff-to-camper ratio of 1 to 4.

If you’re interested in becoming a staff member at Camp Cherokee, the process is simple. Visit our Employment page to find more information about requirements and responsibilities.