Are you interested in becoming a member of the Camp Cherokee Staff? If so, you must participate in the Counselor In Training Program. You will never again work this hard and have so much fun! This program is designed to give you the skills that you need in order to be an excellent counselor in the future.


So What Does a CIT Do?

  • Hard work, team-building & fun!
  • Mornings: Cleaning the various facilities around camp and assisting in meal service.
  • Afternoons: Shadowing counselors, assisting in classes, and team building exercises with the Upper Staff.
  • Evenings: CITs play a major role in the Evening Activities and assist with supervision until lights out.


Although CIT groups are primarily made up of former campers who have aged out of the camper program, the program is open to anyone who is considering working in resident camping. Typically, the number one reason someone chooses to participate in the program is so that they can join the Cherokee Staff and share the great Camp Cherokee experiences they enjoyed with future campers. If you think that your unique experiences and abilities could enhance the camping experience of campers, consider the CIT program.


Outside of the usual cleaning duties, CITs are also responsible for:

  • Assisting a Counselor with positive leadership, guidance, and proper and responsible supervision of 4 -7 campers.
  • Participating in the Leadership in Training program with an Upper Staff Member.
  • Knowledge of whereabouts of each camper in group at all times.
  • Coordinating, leading, supervising, and actively participating in group and program activities.
  • Encouraging positive safety and health measures, and respect for YMCA property, equipment and facilities.
  • Maintaining good public relations with parents of campers .
  • Setting a good example for the campers, and conducting personal behavior with campers in mind.


CIT Qualifications

To qualify to be a CIT, you must be at least 15 years of age or a rising high school Sophomore. As a CIT, you should possess leadership qualities, the ability to use sound judgment and be able to relate to your peers and supervisors in a work setting. It is important that you have endless enthusiasm, individual maturity, moral character, team qualities, and communication skills. You must also possess interest in the development of children.
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It is very important that you are in good health. Your duties will require you to endure hot temperatures, physical exertion, manual labor & behavioral conflicts, and you must be able to walk, run, and swim everyday. CITs should be able to handle, control, and assist 4 – 7 campers in a cabin daily, assist teaching various classes and participate in the cleaning of all areas of camp. CITs are expected to have experience working with children, peers, teenagers, and adults.

The Next Step

Please email Camp Director John Gordon or call 803.329.9622 x230 to request a CIT program application.